We are Eric and Nía, creators of the brand and business partners who, one 29 December of a chaotic year, we had an idea and we made it into a reality.

Without even realising it, we got here, one step leading to the next and without too much thought, we went for it.

We want you to have a good time, get to know us and tell us what you need. We assure you that we’ll do everything possible to help you.

We’re friendly people.

We’re launching this project so that you get it in a fun, fresh and innovative way.

Success is a feeling and we feel like winners. Intuition sent us this mission, so here we are fighting and making noise.

Are you with us? We’ll have a good time.


The brand is born in Barcelona (Spain) with the intention of arriving to the whole world. We want to provoke, create curiosity and give a new version of ‘treat yourself’.

We’re going to fill the whole world with WOKTOY boxes, always spoiling and marking our place. The intention is that the public receive something fresh, innovative and personable.

We hope that the user has fun.


We’re looking for a free, inclusive audience with personality. We hope that you like it and are free at the time to express it.

Welcome to the universe of WOKTOY